Instructor and Affiliations

Chief Instructor

Chief Instructor of Aikido of San Luis Obispo is Mary Tesoro, 6th dan (6th degree BlackBelt). Tesoro Sensei has trained in AikidoIMG_3015 - since 1982. Frank Doran Shihan is her primary teacher. Along with Tom Elliott, she co-founded Aikido of San Luis Obispo in 1987, under the guidance and support of of Danielle Smith Sensei, 6th dan, Dojo Cho of Aikido of Monterey. Tesoro Sensei has been sole dojo cho since 1996.

Aikido of San Luis Obispo

Aikido of San Luis Obispo has been home to many devoted Aikidoka over the decades, several of whom went on to become teachers in their own right. Aikido of SLO is a member of the California Aikido Association, Division 2, headed by Michael Freidl Shihan (Founder and Chief Instructor of Aikido of Ashland) successor to Frank Doran Shihan (Founder and Chief Instructor of Aikido West), Aikido of SLO is affiliated with Aikido World Headquarters.
Through the CAA and the general Aikido community, Aikido of San Luis Obispo shares close ties with many diverse dojos and we are fortunate to have been influenced by many wonderful teachers. In addition to the instruction, guidance and vision received from Frank Doran Shihan, we acknowledge with gratitude the major influence on our Aikido training and our dojo from the following Sensei: George Leonard Sensei, Wendy Palmer Sensei, Richard Heckler Sensei, Danielle Smith Sensei, Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei, Bruce Bookman Sensei, Michael Friedl Sensei, and Motomichi Anno Sensei.

California Aikido Association

CAA LogoThe California Aikido Association is a worldwide organization officially recognized by the Aikikai. The CAA is guided by the physical and philosophical ideals established by Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba. The CAA embraces many stylistic and technical traditions. It is fortunate to have within its membership many teachers with varied backgrounds and complementary skills. The CAA is organized into three unique and complementary Divisions. The Divisions are somewhat like the points of a triangle – distinct in perspective, yet equal in importance to the essence of the triangle. Division 1 is headed by Pat Hendricks Shihan, 7th Dan; Division 2 is headed by Michael Friedl Shihan, 7th Dan (2016 successor to Frank Doran Shihan); Division 3 is headed by Robert Nadeau Shihan, 7th Dan.

Aikikai – Hombu DojoAikikai Logo

The Aikikai Foundation (Aikido World Headquarters) is the parent organization for the development of Aikido throughout the world. To correctly transmit Aikido according to the ideals of the founder, O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, thousands of instructors under the leadership of Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba are doing their utmost to teach Aikido to students in Japan and around the world.